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[under construction]

This is a community for people who read comics (serial, series, graphic novel, webcomics, or other formats) to get together and talk about them in a thoughtful way. This is a place to discuss history, content, form, theory, trends, genres, styles, themes, artists, writers, and other topics related to the reading and enjoyment of comics. It is also a place to share reviews and recommendations of particular works, artists, or writers. Anyone interested in the medium of comics is welcome here, whether adept or novice.

In order to minimize conflict/annoyance and maximize enjoyment within the community, we have established a few rules and behavior parameters.

o1. Different people have different tastes and preferences in terms of style, format, genre, etc. Try to respect these differences, and be mindful of your own preferences when you discuss a particular work. A work can have merit within its realm, even if it's not the sort of thing that you enjoy.

o2. There are other places to share fanworks (such as fic, art, icons, vids, mixtapes, etc) or to talk about costuming and cosplay. This is not one of them.

o3. We will be using a comprehensive tagging system to organize our posts. Please read over this post for specific guidelines on how to use tags.

Additional guidelines may be posted in the future, as deemed neccesary.

The following posts may also be of interest:
FAQ: coming soon
Terminology/Vocabulary: coming soon
Resources for Buying Comics: coming soon

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