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It was suggested that we work on having a comprehensive, structured tagging system here--and I couldn't agree more with that idea. Tags make it easier for people to browse the community and find the content that they are interested in.

When talking about a work, it should be tagged to account for Author and Artist, Title, and Publisher. I'm setting up the format for these as such:

a: is for author and artist.
Why do it this way? Because some comics have the same author (writer) and artist (illustrator). To streamline things I want to just use the "a:" prefix on a tag to denote both.

Next, the author/artist should be listed last name-first name.

So, for example, a proper tag for an author or artist should look like this: a: abel-jessica.

t: is for title.
A title may refer to graphic novels *OR* serial comics. Why do it this way? The first example I could think of was Watchmen, which was originally published in serial format, but which many people were introduced to as a "graphic novel" when the work was collected and bound into a single volume. In order to make this community friendly to novice comics fans, I want to keep this simplified.

Next, if a title begins with the articles "a," "an," or "the" drop the article. For example, The X-Men would be t: x-men. Now... here's something that I've been thinking over and trying to formulate the best way to work it... what about a situation such as The Amazing Spider-Man, The Spectacular Spider-Man, and Ultimate Spider-Man? My trial method of tagging is as follows: t: spiderman-amazing, t: spiderman-spectacular, t: spiderman-ultimate.
(if this proves to be too complicated, it can be amended.)

p: is for publisher.
Why have a tag for publishers? Because some people are loyal to certain publishers, or perhaps interested in learning about what sorts of works are being produced by certain companies.

To tag a publisher, use the format p: dc comics, for example.
Now, if it's a label under a publisher, such as Vertigo Comics, use the format: p: dc comics-vertigo comics.

Other Types of Tags
comm: is for administrative types of posts, and posts dealing with issues of the community, rather than comics. There will be a few different types of suffixes for these types of tags, such as comm: guidelines

awards: is for discussing comics awards. From time to time we may want to talk about the recipients or nominees for a particular award. The awards prefix should be followed by the name of the award, such as awards: eisner award

... This post will quite possibly grow and change as the needs of the community grow and change. Or, as suggestions for improvement are made. Are there other types of tags that people think are needed? Comment here with any feedback on the system. Thanks.
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