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This is an RFC (Request for Comment) post to discuss the formation of some community guidelines (rules, tips, behavior parameters, whathaveyou), along with a couple of other things.

o1. Community Guidelines
As this is a new community, we are in need of some basic rules and principles to guide behavior in order to minimize conflict/annoyance and maximize enjoyment. While I have a few ideas of my own about what I'd like this community to be (along with what I'd like it not to become), a community is made up of many people--not just the person who starts it. As such, I want to provide all members a chance to share their ideas on this topic.

Here's some of what I've been thinking:
*This is a place for people who read comics (serial, series, graphic novel, webcomics, or other formats) to get together and talk about them in a thoughtful way. This is a place to discuss history, content, form, theory, trends, genres, styles, themes, artists, writers, etc...

*Novices and adepts are equally welcome.

*Different people have different tastes and preferences in terms of style, format, genre, etc. Try to respect these differences, and be mindful of your own preferences when you discuss a particular work.

*There are other places to share fanworks (such as fic, art, icons, vids, mixtapes, etc) or to talk about costuming and cosplay. This is not one of them.

o2. Ideas for Posts or Activities
There are a couple of particular posts that I think would be helpful to have. Also, I like the idea of having a few regularly occurring activities/discussions within the community. Of course, members will be welcome to post appropriate content at any time (discussions, reviews, recs, etc).

*A post talking about terminology or vocabulary that is useful when discussing comics. [If you think you could put something like this together, please let me know! I definitely need help with this.]

*Some sort of FAQ? A tag directory? An Archive? Dunno... ideas?

*Possibly a resource list for people to suggest shops in their area or online sellers.

*Suggested by [personal profile] toranoko "Maybe a weekly pull-list type thing, where people can say what they are planning to get, and maybe discuss the issues/trades that are out for that week?" Does someone want to help with this? [personal profile] toranoko has offered to do it "until someone more capable comes along."

*Also from [personal profile] toranoko, the suggestion of a monthly graphic novel reading group.

o3. Help Wanted
It would be really awesome to get some people to help out with running this community. If you think you'd be good as a moderator and have ideas of how to keep things active around here, send me a message (here). Tell me a little bit about yourself and how you operate.

Also, for the moment I've got moderated posting on. However, I encourage folks to post discussions and reviews! Until there are some guidelines posted, I just wanted to keep things moderated. If you have feelings one way or the other about keeping things moderated, let me know.

And, I think that's all for now. Thanks.



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